Project Name: Hartford Marriott Downtown

Environmental Partners supported Waterford Development, LLC during construction of the Hartford Marriott Downtown.  In an innovative arrangement that facilitated development, environmental aspects of Waterford’s foundation construction were reimbursed by OPM since environmental responsibility for the property was retained by the State. 

EP oversaw environmental compliance of Waterford’s site and foundation contractors, and participated in the procurement and installation of a plastic environmental barrier below the hotel foundation.  EP managed the excavation and disposal of unanticipated buried RCRA hazardous waste that was encountered during foundation excavation on former industrial property.

Specific activities included:

  • Field supervision of contaminated soil excavation and disposal;
  • Management of hazardous waste excavation, characterization, transportation and disposal;
  • Oversight of environmental barrier construction below the hotel foundation
  • Evaluation of schedule integration with other site tasks.


Project Name:  Blue Back Square

EP serves as the Owner’s environmental representative during construction of the $200+ million mixed-use Blue Back Square redevelopment project in West Hartford, Connecticut.  EP has provided creative solutions to environmental issues, and helped the Owner to save significant amounts of money.  Most importantly, EP’s input has allowed construction activities to stay on schedule. 

Specific activities have included:

  • Review and analysis of prior site assessments;
  • Recommendations and implementation of additional data collection tasks;
  • Design, implementation, and oversight of remedial measures;
  • Direct contracting for transportation and disposal of over 40,000 tons of contaminated soil;
  • Interpretation of CT DEP regulatory requirements;
  • Integration of assessment measures with construction activities;
  • Preparation of permit modifications;
  • Monitoring project compliance with permit requirements


Project Name:   Adriaen’s Landing, Utility Relocation

Environmental Partners, LLC was hired as a sub-consultant to provide Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP) environmental oversight services to the State of Connecticut Office of Policy and Management for the utility relocation phase of the Adriaen’s Landing project in Hartford, CT.  EP developed and implemented a program to oversee all aspects of environmental compliance for the project on the State’s behalf.

The assignment involved evaluation of prior site characterization and cleanup plans and creation of a system to monitor compliance with all aspects of environmental regulation on the $40 million first phase of the $300 million Adriaen’s Landing project.   EP worked on the project continuously during the period between February 2002 and January 2004 and generated project cost savings greater than the value of EP’s $400K contract.

Specific activities included:

  • Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP) evaluation of remedial action plans;
  • Interpretation of Environmental Impact Evaluation (EIE) effects on project means and methods;
  • Preparation of necessary permit applications and registration;
  • Oversight of permit use;
  • Preparation of environmental sections of  bid documents and project manual;
  • Oversight  of Soil and Materials Management Plan (SMMP) execution by contractors;
  • Routine evaluation of milestone schedule;
  • Oversight and inspection of dewatering system and evaluation of costs of use;
  • Review and consideration of soil disposal quantities, contingencies, means and methods, and costs;
  • Management of Air Quality Consultant;
  • Management of  Air Monitoring and Management Plan (AMMP) implementation/development activities;
  • Participation in of Neighbor Awareness program;
  • Development and management of gas pipe cleaning and abandonment  task;
  • Interpretation of PCB Mega-Rule applicability and implications;
  • Development of soil management contingencies;
  • Project schedule development assistance and maintenance of schedule status;
  • Development of communication with project third party testing laboratory;
  • Development of Oversight Implementation Plan;
  • Participation in routine and on-call project meetings, as required; and
  • Performance of other tasks as directed by OPM.


Project Name: Connecticut Convention Center

Environmental Partners expanded service at Adriaen’s Landing from the utility relocation task to include participation in environmental oversight during construction of the Connecticut Convention Center. EP served as a sub-consultant for OPM and continued oversight of all environmental aspects of the demolition and redevelopment of the property located east of Columbus Boulevard in Hartford, CT. 

Oversight involved negotiation with CT Department of Environmental Protection to use the convention center structure as a capping measure to prevent mobilization of residual soil contaminants, management of OPM environmental permit use by construction contractors, installation of other remedial measures and management of OPM response to an accidental release of oil from the site to the Connecticut River by a site contractor.  EP continued to produce cost savings that exceeded the value of its $210K contract during the period between March 2002 and the opening of the Convention Center in June 2005.  

Specific activities included:

  • Environmental data collection through subsurface investigation;
  • Environmental monitoring including soil management; groundwater management;
  • Hazardous waste management, including management of asbestos surveys, asbestos project planning, air monitoring, and industrial hygiene surveys;
  • Oversight of disposal of over 100,000 tons of contaminated soil;
  • Remedial action planning;
  • Environmental construction planning and coordination;
  • Preparation of various scopes of work, as necessary;
  • Oversight of State-bid contractors;
  • Pre-and post-task contracting support;
  • Feasibility planning;
  • Contingency planning;
  • Permitting support;
  • Regulatory agency communication, negotiation, contact, and support;
  • Environmental laboratory support;
  • Underground storage tank removal management; and
  • Community and public information communication.
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